eROSITA – “extended ROentgen Survey with an Imaging Telescope Array” is a X-ray telescope designed by MPE, Germany, the main SRG scientific instrument.

PI of the telescope – Dr. Peter Predehl, MPE, Germany.

More information are available on official eROSITA site.

Зеркальные модули телескопа eROSITA

Main scientific objectives of eROSITA

  • Perform all-sky survey in soft 0.5-2 keV  and hard 2-10 keV bands with unprecedented sensitivity
  • Discover and study about 100 thousands galactic clusters, bringing out all massive galactic clusters in observable Universe
  • Unveil 3 millions active galactic nuclei, providing large samples for statistical studies and also making visible the three-dimensional structure of Universe
  • Explore properties of peculiar Galactic sources: single neutron stars, supernova remnants, X-ray binaries, coronal active stars and protostars.

Main parameters

Number of mirror modules 7
Number of mirror shells per each module 54
Mirror shell diameter 76–358 mm
Mirror shell length 300 mm
Angular resolution (HEW, Half energy Width) 18″ (on-axis) to ~28″ (survey) at 1 keV
Field of view 0.81 sq. degrees
Energy range 0.3–11 keV
Focal length 1600 mm
Mirror mater nickel
Mirror coating gold
Detectors PNCCD, Si
Detector dimensions, mm 28.8 x 28.8 mm
Pixel size 75 x 75 µm
Energy resolution 138 eV at 6 keV
Mass 815 kg
Telescope diameter/length 1.3 m / 2.6 m
Power 405 W
Detector operating temperature -95 C

Scientific information of the Russian consortium
Science with eROSITA