Spektr-RG launch successful

Next stage

The Spektr-RG observatory successfully separated from the upper stage!  Next stage: 3 months after launch — cruise to L2, positioning, performance verification (PV) and calibration phase.


The Proton-M launch vehicle together with the Spektr-RG astrophysics space observatory lifted off from the Baikonur cosmodrome at 12:30 UTC.

Spektr-RG launch broadcast

On-line broadcast of launch – today (July 13, 2019) from 14:30 MSK.

Broadcast schedule:

Start of broadcast 14:30 MSK
Launch 15:30:57 MSK
End of broadcast 15:45 MSK

On-line broadcast of launch:

Launch schedule

15:30:57 MSK Liftoff
15:33:01 MSK Stage I separation
15:36:29 MSK Stage II separation
15:36:42 MSK Fairing separation
15:40:41 MSK Booster separates from stage III
15:46:41 MSK First booster engine firing, to lift the payload into a transfer orbit
17:08:24 MSK Second booster engine firing, spacecraft on the way to L2
17:30:58 MSK Booster separation from the payload

Launch preparations

Watch short films of launch preparations by Roscosmos TV:

Assembly of Proton-M launcher


Arrival of SRG to Baikonur